Shooting Star Fling - Flavored Chew Toys for Rabbits, and Other Small Pets


Shooting Star Fling from Fun4Bunnies

⭐⭐ We mined the heavens for larger stars and turned them into a fun new fling toy for your small pet! ⭐⭐

⭐ Our Shooting Star Fling includes 4 (or 8) flavored large stars. Vine stars tend to be expensive so we made these flings as cheap as we possibly could.

⭐ Flavors: cranberry, grape, mango & pineapple.

⭐This is a flavored vine chew toy for rabbits and other small animals.

⭐Each STAR measures approximately 5” in length AND width! We included photos of our Stargazing Stars so you can see how big of a difference there is in size between the stars in our shop.

⭐ Each fling is approximately 9-12” in length. Each Star is separated with a 1” wooden spool to make chewing each star easier for your pet.

⭐ All toys are handmade and will be unique.

⭐ Vine Stars are flavored using 100% fruit and fruit juices. We NEVER use any artificial flavoring, coloring or added sugar.

⭐The drying process is extensive so the toys will last packaged for quite some time. The coloring can vary depending on the type of fruit & fruit juice used.

⭐New toys should always be given under close supervision.

⭐We are a small business that started in December 2008 when we realized we couldn’t find chew toys for our own rabbits. The few toys we found were hardwood and our bunnies were never interested in them. It took a few years for us to figure out the best way to flavor wood. These toys are great for bunnies who typically aren’t interested in your typical wood toy.

⭐These toys are made in a smoke-free home. Our toys are made and assembled on a floor in our house that our pets are not allowed in, assuring your toys never come in contact with other animals.

Customer Reviews

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Erica Castillo
Best Treats Ever

I have purchased many treats and these are my favorite. My bunny Louie could not stop munching on the shooting star. She loves the balsa blocks and banana loofahs and the macarons are by far the best treat EVER!!