When will my package arrive?

We have a processing time on top of our main homepage that gets updated as orders come in, occasionally we do get overwhelmed with orders and our processing time changes often. We recommend always checking our homepage and keep in mind to add processing time on top of transit time to estimate when your package will come. If you add 2 day shipping at checkout and our processing time is 3-5 business days, it'll be shipped AFTER the processing time.

Total Time = Processing Time + Transit Time.

Q: Shipping Process:

A: Most orders will be shipped within 3-7 business days (hopefully sooner!)

Orders placed on Friday or over the weekend will start processing on Monday and ship within 3-7 business days.

Certain products may have longer processing times. Birthday Cakes have longer processing time as they are baked and dehydrated and take 5-7 days to officially be done.

Q: Delivery Delays + Post Office Rate Increases

A: With holidays around the corner there are always increases with shipping time, and the post office rates. Please be patient with your order and order in advance if you need it by a certain date. 

Q:How can enjoy free shipping policy?

A: Enjoy free shipping on orders over $150.00 (sometimes it's updated to a different number during our two biggest sales of the year.)

Q: Which country do you ship to?

A:We do support international shipping. And we can ship to most countries & regions in the world.

Q: How much for shipping fee?

A: Shipping fee is decided by destination and products you ordered. Please add items into your shopping cart, proceed to pay, you will see the amount of shipping fee before payment.

Q: My package shows "delivered" but I haven't received it yet.. What do I do?

A: Unfortunately once it has been shipped with a tracking number, it is out of our hands However, please do not hesitate to reach out to me after doing the following so I can better assist:

- Wait a few days to see if it actually gets delivered.
- Ask your housemates/neighbors if they mistakenly received it.
- Contact your mail carrier and your post office
You may have to file a claim with USPS OR even file a police report for “theft”, as “Porch Piracy” is on the rise. Package theft is not covered by shipping insurance and our small business unfortunately can’t ship at our expense.

Please make sure you have entered the correct mailing address when placing your order; as we ship your product using the mailing address you provide and you will be responsible for entering an incorrect address when shipped.

Please notify us of any issues with shipping within 24-72 hours of UPS or USPS stating your package was delivered.

Q: Age minimum for our treats?

A: Fruit Treats - 6 Months 

Veggie Treats - 4 Months

Q: Storage Instructions for treats?

A: You may keep in the same bag I provide; however it is recommended to keep in an air tight jar. Store in a dry, cool area away from sunlight to ensure freshness.

Q: How long do the treats last?

A: Our treats are recommended to use within 2-3 months after receiving them. However, since these treats are dehydrated they remain good for up to 5 months if you are storing it correctly.

Q: Caution Info:

A: Serving size is for the average healthy rabbit, you know your rabbit more than I do, so please if your rabbit is having health issues; poopy butt, diarrhea, etc please consult with a vet before giving treats as you should have a proper diet set up. Always remember, anytime you add anything new into your furr babies diet, you are going to want to introduce it to them slowly to see how your your baby reacts to it; if everything goes well you can slowly increase it but keep in mind of the serving size. Everything is in moderation. Our fruit treats are intended for 6 months and up as our veggie treats are intended 4 months and up.


We don’t condone to adding powders, artificial colors, or any added ingredients. Every single treat we make we use Fruits/Veggies which provides a beautiful natural vibrant color. Our promise to you, is to always provide the best quality treat for your furry babies. Thank you for trusting in us. 

Legal Disclaimer:

FluffyBunConfections is not responsible for accidents, illnesses, or injuries that occur from use of our products.