Flavored Loofahs


Flavored Loofahs

All 3 flavors for $7.50 or all 6 for $15.00

100% Natural Loofah

🍌 Banana
🍇 Blackberry
🍇 Raspberry
🫐 Blueberry
🥭 Mango & Pineapple🍍

All Loofahs are soaked and washed, and Loofah seeds are all taken out.

These are perfect as a fun toy, and very great for their dental hygiene as Loofahs are natures floss for your furry babies!

Recommended at 6 months of age

Please monitor your furr babies with any toys, should only be given for a couple minutes a day, please give sparingly. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amy Soulliard
Babe Loves Them All

My bunny, Babe, loves the flavored loofahs! He gets so excited when I give him one. He practically devours it in a day.

Isis Rodriguez
Fan favorite!

My bun LOVES these loofahs! I have to space out when I give them to him, otherwise he’d make them all disappear within hours! Definitely one of his favorite chew toys and will be ordering them again :)

Kate Thompson
Gobbled up quick!

These never fail to make my bun binkie! No issues with coloring transfer to the bun or carpet. They smell great, and my bun devours them!

Claire Mulkerrin
My boy loves them

My bunny thinks theyre one of the greatest things on earth so I'm on board!

Alice Hossfeld

My bun tried these for the first time and he wasn't quite sure at first, but as soon as he tried it, he loved them!
I tried the pineapple flavor mix and it was a hit! I'll have to try another flavor on our next order!