Flavored Loofahs | 100% Organic and Healthy Loofahs for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, and Other Small Pets


Flavored Loofahs

All 3 flavors for $9.00 or all 6 for $17.00

100% Natural Loofah

🍌 Banana
🍇 Blackberry
🍇 Raspberry
🫐 Blueberry
🥭 Mango & Pineapple🍍

All Loofahs are soaked and washed, and Loofah seeds are all taken out.

These are perfect as a fun toy, and very great for their dental hygiene as Loofahs are natures floss for your furry babies!

Recommended at 6 months of age

Please monitor/supervise your furr babies with any toys, These should only be given only a few times a week.. when given please only allow a few bites as these should be given in moderation. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
jen guido
My bunny LOVES these (and everything else on this website)

I've been purchasing from this site for a while and the quality of each item is so clearly made with love, and my rabbit loves them. Unboxing is exciting for ME even though it's for my bun, she also loves to join the unboxing for her fav toys/treats/chews. She loves all flavors of the loofahs!

Caycee Karpinski
Bunnies Loved It

Far best foraging mix I have purchased yet. It smells so good and the buns come running for it when I open the bag. The Buns enjoy the loofahs too and they were a lot bigger than I expected. Will be purchasing again!

Shannon St Jean

My bun has never been a big fan of regular loofahs from the pet store, so I got her these flavored ones to see if it would make a difference. She LOVES these! Cannot get enough of her new toys. Thanks so much FBC :)

My bun goes nuts over these!

Highly recommend these loofahs to anyone looking for fun treats for their bun to try! The texture is fun for them to chew on and the number of bites they take can be easily managed, too!

Natalie Hicks
Zoey loves them!

Zoey loves these so much and rips them out of my hand as fast as she can!