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What is a mystery box you ask? 👀

* IMPORTANT: If you order a mystery box during a sale, you will not get extra items as it's highly discounted during our yearly sales*

A mystery box is filled with random treats, toys and other special items for your fur baby. The best part about this is you will always get more than what you pay for!

The small box offers about 3-4 items 

Medium includes 4-6 items 

and so on…

The larger the box, the more products. 

Please note the box is completely a surprise, sometimes you get more treats then toys and so on. With a small mystery box there’s a small cushion, so if you’d like more of a variety then please do order a larger box. 

This box is for the bun moms that LOVE surprises☺️💗

Boxes can range from anything on our shop or some new stuff we create, toys, anything.. however, it will stay a secret 🤫

In the notes please make sure to write how old your bunny is so we can know what to put in the box, and if your bunny is picky with a specific flavor please let us know.

No discounts can be used on our Mystery Boxes.

Please always read our FAQs before purchasing from our shop!

I am not response for lost/stolen packages. I will not replace or refund lost or stolen packages. Please read my shops policy. Feel free to contact me with any questions.

- Lisa

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Arrived just on time for Christmas

Lindsey Fitzpatrick

It was great! Our buns always love the macaroons. It’s so fun to get the mystery box and it’s super cute. Great box, thanks!


Mystery box is a must have

Rachel Lewis
2 Happy Buns

The bunnies are loving all the treats and they’re super cute!

Jessica Patterson
Love the variety!

My favorite thing to get is the mystery box! My bunny has loved everything and it's such a great deal. I have a hard time deciding what to get sometimes and that takes care of it.