Organic Natural Flavored Loofahs | Discounted Bundle | All Organic Natural and Safe for Rabbits and Other Pets


These rabbit loofahs, bunny loofas, bunny loofa, rabbit loofah are perfect as a fun toy, and very great for their dental hygiene as Loofahs are natures floss for your furry babies!

🚨 When ordering, if you chose the option “9 Loofahs” please include your flavors such as: 3 Banana, 3 Strawberry, and 3 Blueberry. There should be a drop box to add flavors before adding to cart. If you don’t choose we will automatically include best seller flavors.

100% Natural Organic Loofah

🍌 Banana
🍇 Blackberry
🍇 Raspberry
🫐 Blueberry
🥭 Mango & Pineapple🍍

If you order “pick your own flavors” and you do not add personalization we will automatically add our classic pack flavors which are cranberry, banana, and blueberry.

All Loofahs are soaked and washed, and Loofah seeds are all taken out.

All loofahs are different sizing as they are home grown, and during the dehydration process they do tend to slim down.💚

Monitor your furry babies while the use of loofah and only give a little at a time.

Loofahs are recommended at 6 months old.

Please always supervise with toys, and do not let them chew all at once. Should be given only for a couple minutes or so. :)

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