Sea Grass Mat | ALL NATURAL 10x10 | Woven Chew Play Mat for Bunny Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Other Small Pets


🐇 All Natural 10" x 10" Sea Grass Chew Mat ♥️

⭐ Seagrass will help encourage natural foraging and chewing instincts! Seagrass is a great foraging material for small animals and birds due to it's soft texture, and many threaded weaves giving your pet tons of seagrass to pull and chew on.

QTY: 1
SIZE: 10 inches by 10 inches.

⭐ Made from 100% Natural Sea Grass.

⭐ Ideal for Bunny Rabbits, Chinchillas, Birds, Parrots and other small animals.

⭐Completely Natural! No Dyes, Glues, or Hidden Nasty Ingredients.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Buns love it!

I love how big it is! I attach it to a hay rack and both buns went for it right away!

Pamela Uchuno
Perfect like always

Not my first time ordering and definitely won't be my last. My bun gets so excited when I give her your treats, thanks again.
P.s: loved the freebies

Moe Leong

My rabbit, Moe, absolutely loved this mat! It was a perfect toy and distraction for her when she was bored of her other chews. The best part of the mat is that the holes fit the forage mixes and twinkle little stars. I would sprinkle them on the mat and she would have to figure out how to get them out/ forage for her treats

Jenny Fitzpatrick
Looks good but bunnies don’t care for it.

It looks well made and nice! For some reason it doesn’t interest my 2 bunnies though.